Day one at the Be-ach….

Today we well I woke up and went out to eat for breakfast at the Donut Hole, and had donuts hince the name donuts, then we went to get beach supplies (Goggles, Flippers, Snorkel, Surf boards, and smokes(just kidding) at Alvins Island. Then for more supplies we went to walmart for the most important things (bread, meat, cheese, chips, water, smokes(no really)). THEN-2 hours later we went to the beach! We got there and the water was so so blue, we proceeded to apply the SPF 60 to my and crystals white selves well all of us since we are some WHITE arkansans.. Dooley is the exception she has a nice tan. Jordan, Crys and myself all

had goggles, reasoning for that FOOD… We decided that to eat we must catch our food. To our surprise LEARKING in the deep was a crab then another so I caught one in the net. So I had fresh crab for lunch, while everyone else had SANDwiches. We saw a barracuda, and tons of fish. Jordan and I are going out early tom. to see what’s up in the morning with the wildlife or sea life. Check out these pics. We are going to go eat at A J’s Oyster Bar for dinner, we are pumped.

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