Ok look I’ve had alot of crazy funny things happen to me well guess what I got pulled over yesterday on the way home from work on my bike. YES on my bike! Not even my road bike my mountain bike it was so funny well it is now it really wasn’t funny then. But the dude was all “did you see the stop sign?” I said Yes, “Then why didn’t you stop?” I was just in the zone and pass it everyday no problems. “Well I would have hit you if I was 100 yards closer.” So yea I got pulled over on my bike and one of my friends saw it to make it even funnier.


2 thoughts on “Arrest!

  1. hahaah u got pulled over on a bike r u serious!! well i cant come to chruch this wednesday. we have team camp. and get this. they scheduled our games at 6 and 7:10 ugh that makes me sooo mad

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