Canada Day 1

Bonjour! Well it is Monday morning and I am at the office right now preparing to go and see my parents and go to CANADA… What a great day both happy and sad. Happy that my wife and I get to take a vacation (the first since I have worked here, my choice though) hard because I am away from my staff AKA some of my best friends….and I really want to do U-Turn on Wednesday night. But I know that sometimes taking a “Sabbath” is the most spiritual thing you can do. I mean God rested on the 7th day and He did not even lift a finger, HE just spoke the World into existence, and He rested. Was He tired, wore out, cranky? NO! HE just wanted to rest or “Sabbath” so I take that and have to realize I need that to.
We will be flying out today at 2PM and getting to New Hampshire tonight at 9PM (Long Day). Then we will actually go to Canada on Wednesday morning and just see what God has in store for us. I have actually found a church planter that is there and the cool thing about that is he was actually the missionary in residence at OBU my senior year. WHAT! Yea God is the man, so we are going to try to hook up. He is starting 2 churches both targeted at young adults, singles, and college students. How cool is that so it will obviously be a contemporary church hopefully. So we are going and we will see what God is doing and what we can do. I finish writing this asking for prayers from all of you who read this not prayers for just us, but for Canada. It was put on my heart ever since M-Fuge and they got me due to the fact that they only have 4 full time youth ministers in Canada bothers me. Pray!

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