This past week.

We just got back from camp. What a week we just had we had so much fun. It was just a good time hanging out with 115 great students. There is nothing like it. God was for sure glorified. We had incredible worship services, the interns gave wonderful breakout sessions and the students were so fun and cool. I could not have asked for a better student ministry. I am proud of all of them so much they all are starting to get this ministry figured out. We had people getting saved and many realizing that “man I need to pick it up.” I am excited about Sunday night when we all get back together and just chill. I am also excited about this Wednesday night when we will be having U-Turn. I am proud for all the students who endured the amazing race. There was really only one hard part to the whole race. That would be carrying the swimming pools. Then some of you crazy nuts decided to run about a mile instead of playing us in Volleyball. Hello ambulance (no really). I wish that everyone could have been there but really there would not have been enough room so it all worked out. But come on Wednesday and see what God has in store for us.

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