This past weekend I went up and saw Shirley! She was so funny, forreal she was being awesome and funny. She still is not all the way understanding what is going on, but she sure knew who we were. She is now in Physical Therapy and she is trying to learn to sit up on her own. This is a hard process to do when you have had all those broken bones. On Tuesday she will begin doing solid food testing, they will slowly start her out on solid food and see how she does. When we were walking through the Re-hab place we saw the guy that hit Shirley. This was an interesting experience and it just really got to me. Because there he was with 2 broken legs and a broken jaw and then here is Shirley who is not really sure what is going on, she knows just a little, broken arms, knee, teeth, hips, and stuff. It really made me think about how Jesus was on the cross and He knew and saw all the sin and all the sadness that was going on and He knew the people that had put Him on the cross. But He still died for them (us) and he did not go over and saw “do you see what you did, I mean look at me. You did this!” No he said this “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” That statement is ringing in my ear as Jess and I are dealing with the other guy. It is in Gods hands and we must love him as God does.

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  1. Im glad her meaness lol has turned to humor, but I cant believe how well shes doing..its crazy(GOD). Well I had funn chatting w. you, jess and drea tonite. And im glad to hear what God has shown you through this…and that darn Glendon…thats amazing to see him cling to the Lord, when most ppl would hate him “for what he did.”So about the guy who hit her what did he say how is he how old does he have a family, does he know God, what happened what caused him to lose control?K well cant wait for church and then MASTERPIECE lolhave a great day

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