Shirley Talks!

Yes that is right! She is now talking audibly, the other day Jessica recieved a call from her dad and he said hold on and her mom got on the phone “I love you” she said and Jessica was so happy. She also was able to stand up with some help from the doctors, use the restroom, she knew her colors. She is not very happy though (no kidding) she keeps telling her husband that him and Jessica are bugging her and they need to leave. It is kind of funny. We are just so happy that these sorts of things are going on God is so good and he continues to amaze, He is so amazing and through more expectant prayer God will heal her completely.
This past week with the Passion play was ………… no words in all honesty can describe the amazingness that God did. God is moving here at Third Street in major ways. It is so refreshing and if others can not see it then I would do a little check up with the master.

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