The Week…

This has been an incredible and a fast week! It has been fun because our church is putting on the Passion Play and we have been hard at it since Sunday night. We will finish up this Sunday night. We have a performance every night from Thursday-Sunday from 7PM-9PM and it is so powerfully. “What makes it powerfull?” that would be God He is the man. On Tuesday Shirley was moved to a Physical Therapy and Rehab institute in Litte Rock. This past Wednesday night Jessica’s dad called and was sad and said that her mom did not remember anyone like she did not know she had a daughter (Jessica) or husband. She still can not talk so they are just reading lips. Well last night we got a call and God showed off yesterday, Shirley stood on her own, recognized colors, and recognized who her grandsons, husband, mother in law, Jessica and all the others were. It was amazing and so joyful for all of us. She also was able to go to the bathroom. God is doing some AWESOME things. Thanks for your prayers and please continue with them..


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