Physical Therapy!

Morning, well last night at U-Turn it was so clear that God was moving. We had so much fun (well I thought we did). Dave Hassell (band from camp and Fall Retreat and this years camp) showed up and they were so cool to drive all the way here just to hang out. We talked about spiritual hapituation. What that is in a nut shell (Almond) is for example when you get something new and in the start of it, it is all cool and stuff then the coolness sort of wears off then you just forget it and next thing you know you are selling it for 1$ in a yard sell. The same thing can happen with your spiritual life. You are first so pumped and like living it right or you are like man I need to pick it up and so you do. You just are doing so amazing, then next thing you know you wake up and are like uhhhhhhhhh what has happened where has my passion gone? What in the world? You just get used to God and you don’t ackowledge Him anymore and you just get into that rut. We talked about how to get out of that rut because many people think they are getting it, but it is obvious by the lack of fruit in their lives. Also how much they are talking about God, you must talk about the things you love and worship and God should be the most talked about.
So last night was fun.
The update on Shirley is also cool, we found out they have moved her into a physical Therapy section of UAMS (Hospital). So they will apparently start physical Therapy 3 times a day. They told us to bring pictures, tapes of us talking, singing and all sorts of stuff to trigger her memory. So we are! That is the latest so please continue to pray…

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  1. Hey Michael you did a great job Wed. night. Even us old people (not that I’m that old) learn from you. When you talked about expectant prayer it was great. In the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” he calls it positive prayer and it’s the exact same thing! You and anyone, teen and up, need to read that book! It will change your lives! Have a great day! Gena

  2. Hey head well we tryed to call you tonite but me and jess s and tracy went up to the hospital tonite as im sure you know by now, but it was great to see Mrs. Bryant doing as well as she was, Jess said she was asknig for a hamburger right before we got there, it was crazy how much she has improved laltey, i guess its not crazy, its God, but will cont to pray for her.We got to hangout w/ Jess alil, i havent even really seen her scince ski trip so it was funn, and Glendons a sweetheart seriously, i mean the way he was caring for her. Ok well Ill ttyl oh and not only did I miss the girls retreat im gonig to miss the campout, and I havent bn to church to 3rd street in like 3 weeks…gahhhhh

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