Last Night’s call…

Last night (Monday night) Jessica’s dad called and was very sad. He said that a case worker came to him and said that Shirley may never respond to people again. This made him mad and sad as it did us. She asked him what he is going to do if she doesn’t, and he said she is going to respond and she has been. At this moment there really is response to him and to Jessica, but she is not showing the doctors any sign of response at all, so he went in there and got very serious with her and told her to respond to the doctors. This has saddened Jessica so much, just the possibility that her mom may never be able to talk or respond. But the thing is that we have this God that is huge and that can do anything. We know that He can and He will heal her. At this time we are asking please for people to pray and lift up Shirley Bryant and her family. We are continuing to be positive and will be for ever. We don’t ever give up and we go hard or go home in all that we do, especially prayer, we will continue to pray and not just talk to God, but talk to Him expectantly.
In Him….

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  1. K well although this has made things a little more real, I will countinue to pray for her. But we will not give up their have bn ppk who were told they will never walk again, talk again, have kids, or RESPOND again, but we know God is bigger than that, the doctor said what he needs to said and done all he can, and now its Gods turn, and our turn to pray.ok well I heard about your shoulder hurting and I hope everythings ok….I wont be able to go eat with yall monday b/c im going to see family so yall have fu, and we have a game tommorow so the ball teams wont be at church. TTYL I love YALL lol

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