April Fools Day

Here is an update on stuff. Jessica’s mom is doing ok we just found out along with all of her other stuff that she now has a broken collar bone and a broken hip. We will be spending all weekend up there this weekend. It should be good for Jessica. Just continue to pray.

One thought on “April Fools Day

  1. k well we have the countinous prayer under control, yall have a great weekend together w/ her family, and live life to the fullest and love the ones you love a lil more let them know who they are to you and what they have done for you, b/c you never know when its their chance to fly and you never know it could be goodbye….just bn thinking alot on how we think we have life down but its unpredictable…and Gods will is PERFECT…I just wish he would take me from this crazy place, let me say my goodbyes and let me fly!!! Have a great day

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