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Hello all who are reading this. Well ski trip was incredible we had so much fun. Jessica and I have had some real life interruptions lately, here is what went down. On Thursday afternoon I was at a terrain park in Breckinridge, Co skiing and well I went really fast over this jump and if you didn’t know that is never good, but I had been doing it all week just not this fast. So I hit the jump and then I hit the ground and I thought I had done awesome. I didn’t I ended up in the hospital in the next few minutes, and I spent the last few hours of skiing; in the hospital with my amazing wife. The doctor told me I had a 3rd degree AC sprain of my right shoulder which means my clavicle bone sticks out now and is not connected to my shoulder, yea no fun at all. More to come on that later.
So Jessica and I leave the hospital and then we get a call from her brother that said her mom had been in a horrible car wreck and had been life-flighted to UAMS-Little Rock. At that point she was in critical condition and Jessica and I asked if one of our sponsors and great friends would mind driving us to Little Rock since I can not drive (Medicine and Shoulder) so we left that night and drove straight through to Little Rock. Her mom has a dusted (gone) left elbow and broken arm and a left broken humorous, broken pelvis, broken teeth, Broken knee cap, broken ribs, and a bruised brain (the scary part).
As of today Tuesday night she is now responding via some eye movement and she is reaching her left hand up and trying to grab things. We both know that God is going to get all the Glory from this and we just need prayer now and all is going to be ok. There are just going to be some trying times right now.
Stay tuned for more updates

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  1. Hey man. I just thought you should know that it seems like everyone I’ve talked to lately is asking how you’re doing and how Jess’s mom is doing, and we’re all praying for you guys. I know this will just bring you and Jess closer together and closer to God.Oh, and I’m pumped about tomorrows U-turn too. I’m not really sure why, I just am. It’s going to be great. -Z

  2. Hey Mike, im so glad to hear that Mrs. Bryant is doing a lil better, and to get an update. I hope all is well w/ yall, and you and your shoulder lol. I bet the drugs are great!!! WELL im sitting here in newspaper trying to focus but LOGAN and his secular music is starting to get to me jk. Well yes i agree w/ Z whoever that is that ppl have bn asking even ppl you dont know and dont know you its weird, but we are countinuing to pray for you and Jess and her family…I cant wait to see Big PAPA tonite(your dad)!!! Well I have bn really out of it latley, and very tired of everything I guess just life in general, I think I need a BREAK…..only 32 more days….Yay. Ok well the bell just rang so I hope you are having a great day, and ill see ya tonite!

  3. Hey michael this is autumn. I hope things get better for u and jess, and ive been praying for yall. And i also hope jessicas mom gets better, ive been praying for her too. well the bell is about to ring, soo…ill talk to yall later. i love you both so much! byebye!

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