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Hello and howdy from Arakadoo!
We are about to go skiing and man I am so excited. I can not wait to stand on a Mtn. and to see what God is doing. I can not wait to do my talks on Mtn.’s It is going to be so cool, God is moving and last night at U-Turn He really did some amazing things. There were a few students that really showed they need some prayer and I am here for them and will be and have been praying for them. I also want to thank all of you who get on here and post stuff and thanks for keeping me accountable(EW)…
Have a great Day!

2 thoughts on “Packing list..

  1. HeY hEaD,Thanx so much for the update, and im def excited about skiing, and also the mtn b/c its not something we get to see everyday and it reminds us how big God is nyeah that mtn is BIG but Gods bigger I mean Duh he created it. Yeah I know God did do alot of things in ppl lives I think ppl really started to notice that the things they say do affect their fate. I mean I dont cuss but I know that it made me think of things I do do?!?!hah dodo lol ok moving on.Well just to throw it out there we have a softball game today at 4:30 Feaster playing Hot Springs and if you dont want to pay 4$ to park, park at Feater trail and walk down a lil way, and there will be trail that comes to the feild, but thats just a comment to the general public, but if you cant make it, It will be ok, dont worry about it FOR REAL, Bart will be there……….JUST KIDDING..laugh no really laugh it was a joke cuz ur the best youth minister EVER…and you pour so much of you and your marriage and your life into us ALL the time, we couldnt ask for anything more…thanks! ok w/ the mushy stuff well ill ttyl have a GRRRRREAAT day!

  2. Hey Head, Ok well i know it will prolly be awhile before you update b/c of everything that is gonig on right now. But I just wanted to say I had a blast on the trip, u were very much missed the last night and bus ride, and Bill said that he would keep you in his thoughts and prayers, I love that guy, and even tho we dont know w much about him mabey we made some type of something for God in his life, well I also just wanted to say that I know you are gonig through alot right now, your in pain and Jess’ mom and all that so you do what you need to do, be w/ her take a break, things here are fine, if you need anything ask,call, w/e but we are contiuously praying for you Jess, her mom and family, God is in control, everything happens for a reason and rem its ok to hurt and its ok to cry. I love you and Jess and I hope all is well and Mrs. Bryant gets better!

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