Well sorry for the delay in the post, my bust. I am back and well really really tired. We just got back this weekend from Dallas (Kaufman), TX this was really nothing like Dallas but ohh well. We took 8 of us and went and had a blast serving all weekend in the big K. It was a good and tiring time. Tonight I had a basketball game that was really really funny because I was hurting so bad from TA Mollys(mexican restarunt) we tore it up there we had an appetizer, meal, and all the desserts they had. If you don’t know, it is a brand new restarant in Caddo Valley and it was so good. I think to good, here is the lesson learned and this is the lesson for today. Don’t eat alot of mexican food (beans, rice, dip… ) before you play basketball or for that matter anything else. It is not fun. Hope that helps you all in your spiritual lives….


3 thoughts on “Basket/Racketball

  1. Golly Head I just got saved, that was deep…thanx for the spritual insight…hey can you like post back on here like to things we say in our comments to you? Well I hope tonight was good sorry I couldnt be there I had a game you know the ones you said you would come too?!?!? gah ive bn really sarcastic i need to PUMP MY BRAKES(hahah ask Crystal B. About the pump yo brakes thing) neeeways, I must be a real loser commenting on here, I wonder what all the COOL kids are up too!?!?!

  2. no thats not from anonymous its from me im just not quite smart enough to fugure out all thi new tech.?

  3. GAH you and your wife, yall are letting me down freakin update…………………………..jk its ok ill try and make it…one day at a time, its just that I really like hearing all ur words of wisdom!?!?!?! if thats what they call it these days?Have a great day..whenever you might get this???

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