Vain living?

Read this no really read it for some of you this could be the only scripture you read all week except for church… that is sad.
“Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you! Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”
Did you read it? Really if not then stop and read it I will wait……………………………………………………………………………..
Ok great job!
Here is the deal there are so many people working and hate it, really hate it and complain and just hate to get up and go to work or to school. Well God loves you there and He has you there for a reason, some of you are like yea right! No really He has a plan for you, He does not want you to just go through life and be like well I worked and did nothing for Him all day, or all my life. I have a dead end job and don’t know why I am here… WRONG! That mindset is taking over most workplaces and schools all over. There are so many Christians that are working in places where Chirst is not even talked about at all. I have an idea…, change that. We are to have a firm belief in the reserection and a solid hope for the future that should give us an incentive for service in the present. Read that again… Yes what you do now should give you some incentive to be excited about your future. Stop going to school, work whatever and being a cranky pants. Live it Up! God wants you to. So do it! I mean how can you be in a bad mood at work and show people Christ, you want to witness (some don’t) but for those of you that do care and want to witness, then do it with your life. Just live for Him. Stop trying to please your boss, co-worker, teacher. Start pleasing Him, do not let your work be in vain, and give your all to your “job” FULLY not half the day (in the morning when you are in a good mood) all day! Let nothing move you, nothing be excited about your job and people will see that and wonder why did they not get mad and you can tell them, I am working for God. Some of you are all ” you don’t know what I do or where I work it is different” Uhhhhh wrong! God does know and I don’t He has you there and knew you would be there. So live like you want to be there for Him and your day will be so amazing and your life will change. I promise! Well He promises…

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  1. Hey Mike,That was really kool and made me start thinking about how I act at school and work and how many ppl see me slam my locker, or say I hate this place..blah blah blah yeah well its obviously where God has me so Im going to try and work on it…hahah I hope your watching Amazing Race its gonna be good lmbo…well I cant wait till tommorow, to hear what you(GOD)well your not God but yeah and to see lives be interupted or effected,expecially those we have wanted to come and hope they really do and show up!Hope you have a great day tommorow, and thanks for all that you do for us!

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