Ordination Day…

Sunday was such a great day! I felt like royalty, it was if the day was all about me, everyone was so nice just telling me I was this and that, I met with some of our deacons and they asked me some questions on the Bible, and what I felt on certain issues, there was an hour long service that was held and there was a charge given to me to go out and do ministry, about 100 people came up and hugged my wife and I, I received gifts, praises, and love. It was so nice and it is something that I will never forget. BUT, as I sit here and think about it, it is so easy to have a FULL day for someone (weddings, birthdays, births, deaths, graduations, sporting events, anniversaries, etc) and yet some people give only 2 hours a week to God (Sunday morning, and Wednesday night). I don’t think when God said to pray continuously, or to meditate on His word day and night, or to continually walk in the light and be the salt of the earth He was talking about just when we feel like it. No He has created us for His glory, and He deserves His glory, if you don;t know why He deserves His glory then E-mail me mycoolhead@yahoo.com and we will talk. God deserves days; everyday devoted to Him, we need it believe it or not. If you would devote your day to Him, your day will be great, because you are giving it to the most High and the King of kings.


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  1. Congrats REV. Head…I caught a tear it was beautiful and Im glad I could see it.

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