You know that thing that we all do on Wednesday night? You know that thing that happens in the gym on Wednesday night? Well I just want all of you students to know how amazingly proud of you I am. You all are so faithfull and you have drawn closer to God and you have been inviting your lost (not other church) friends to U-Turn. That is what it is all about, well really it is all about Him and it is all about His renown. God can be greatly glorified when He is all that we are talking about. We all need to make sure that when we invite people to things or just when we are going on with our day, that we are talking about God and not “U-Turn” we really need to make sure that He is getting the glory not the “event.” Without Him we would have nothing. Nothing at all, God is what it is all about. Lets give Him all of our talk and all of our “Props.” He diserves it…

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