Well this week will be an amazing week. I am so excited to just be in Gods ARMS this week. He has been thinking about this week since the beggining of time and He knew what is in store for each and every student that will be attending IT weekend. I can not wait! I might be more excited about it than anyone else. We have got some of the most influencial college students that will be leading this next weekend. Plus with Drew and the Band and Kevin Bouse leading worship… Wow! How amazing is this going to be. I hope that everyone can make it I mean anyone that wants to attend the worship times then come on please. We will be meeting in the Sanctuary each night at 7PM for worship.

This past week my Grandma past away and this has been a rough time for my family, but it is neat to hear the cool stories of what God has done through that. It has really created an amazing relationship with my sister and I. Which is always cool, and many other things. It is neat to push away all of the noise that goes into thes “Hectic” times and just sit and listen to God. Psalm 46.10 is so perfect “Be Still and know that I am God.” He has to tell me that alot since I have like Mega Add all the time. But really God is so so good to us and it can just give you such peace when we just STOP and AKknowledge Him.

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  1. My brother is always cool too, I am very proud of you and thankful that we are having such a good time getting to know each other again. You are truly awesome, and to see God working in you and your life is every more awesome. Lead on.

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