Be You..

At times in life we can feel like we really aren’t good enough. I know that in ministry we can fall into that trap as well. We hear a great sermon and want to go and do that sermon (that is not a good way to show what God is doing in your life) or

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Mothers Day…

Mothers day is an incredible day for so many people…  I personally am very excited about today because of the mom that I get to see in action every single day!  The truth is, is that there are many who will never be married, never have kids, and will always struggle on this day. I

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Party – Just Because

This past Sunday two of our staff members  Ryan Herzog and Meredith Landry had an idea to throw a party for one of our students Helen.  Read her Instagram post below to see what Helen is going through in her own words..  So they wanted to throw her a party just because, just because we

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Breastfeeding, Blogs and Etsy Shops

A blog post my wife just wrote. My son ate shredded cheese and fruit cocktail out of the can for dinner last night, and my daughter had a peanut butter and honey sandwich for at least the forth night in a row. And we maaaay or ma… Source: Breastfeeding, Blogs and Etsy Shops