Be You..

At times in life we can feel like we really aren’t good enough. I know that in ministry we can fall into that trap as well. We hear a great sermon and want to go and do that sermon (that is not a good way to show what God is doing in your life) or

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Party – Just Because

This past Sunday two of our staff members  Ryan Herzog and Meredith Landry had an idea to throw a party for one of our students Helen.  Read her Instagram post below to see what Helen is going through in her own words..  So they wanted to throw her a party just because, just because we

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Breastfeeding, Blogs and Etsy Shops

A blog post my wife just wrote. My son ate shredded cheese and fruit cocktail out of the can for dinner last night, and my daughter had a peanut butter and honey sandwich for at least the forth night in a row. And we maaaay or ma… Source: Breastfeeding, Blogs and Etsy Shops

Be Still

Psalm 46.10 – Be Still and Know that I AM GOD. When was the last time you just sat in complete silence, with nothing to do or look at? When was the last time you went 1 hour without looking at your phone? Being still is almost unheard of in our culture today. Being still

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